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Cafe 127
"We feel Cafe' 127 gave us a head start on marriage.  It was great having a mentor couple available and taking an active interest in us and our first year of being a married couple. We identified of and discussed things that will impact our marriage in advance of their happening.  Getting help and resources at the café for planning our wedding made it one of the most awesome days of our lives!”

Justin & Kelly Equitz

Getting married?


Need someone to marry you? 

Need a musician? 

Need help preparing for marriage? 

CCC can help with all the details of your wedding ceremony and help you prepare for what happens after the wedding… your marriage!

Café 127

Café 127 is an informal coffee house setting where soon-to-be-married couples can get their spiritual training for marriage and make connections with other couples on that same journey.

Café 127 is the initial environment we use to prepare couples getting married through the ministry of Community Christian Church. We give a certificate of premarital counseling at the end of the six consecutive cafes. This certificate, or one similar from a counselor, is the only prerequisite for getting married at CCC.


Café 127 will be open…

Sundays 6:00-8:00pm when the Cafe is in session.   Cafes are scheduled up to twice a year once 6 to 10 couples sign up (in Fall and again in Spring). Call to inquiry about the next potential date.

Dinner is provided

Cost is $140 per couple for all six dinners/sessions.

  • Pastors and licensed therapists staff the Café as well as experienced mentor couples. Topics discussed are…

    • A new understanding of marriage
    • The root of all marital conflicts
    • Discovering and maintaining a spiritual source of marital wholeness
    • Understanding, dealing with, and appreciating gender and personality differences
  • Purposes of Café 127      

    • To build bridges between couples preparing for marriage and the resources at CCC.
    • To provide a helpful understanding of what marriage is, what it will require, and tools to succeed in it.
    • To offer a relationship with an experienced mentor couple that can be available for the first year of a new couples marriage.
    • To provide resources (officiant, musician, etc.) for a wedding ceremony.*


Part One: Marital Conflicts and Solutions

  • Week 1: The Root of Every Marital Conflict (Genesis 3)
  • Week 2: The Solution for Marital Conflict (Ephesians 5)
  • Week 3: Understanding Your Partner’s Temperament
Part Two: Marital Growth and Planning
  • Week 4: Romance & Sex
  • Week 5: Financial Planning
  • Week 6: Q & A with a Licensed Therapist and Planning the Perfect Ceremony

For further information or to register for our next Cafe 127, contact or call (714) 777-6850

*Call for further information regarding acquiring such resources.

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