Mom's Alone Car Clinic-

Mom's Alone Car Clinic will go dark until Jan 2013

Providing Orange County Single Mothers

Free Auto Service


The Mom's Alone Car Clinic is a free auto service that occurs on the 2nd Saturday of every month. The services provided to you will be absolutely free. Any parts or supplies used to repair your car are provided by Community Christian Church. The work is done entirely by volunteers. Some of the volunteers are mechanics and some of them are not. If you have a problem with your car being worked on by someone who is not a professional mechanic, please take your car to an automotive repair shop. If you do not know a mechanic, we are willing to provide the names of some professional facilities.


  1. Must live in Orange, Anaheim, Placentia, Fullerton, or Yorba Linda
  2. Must be a single mother with children living at home under 18
  3. Must own the vehicle (have proof of registration)
  4. The vehicle must be 6 years or older.   2004 or older model


  • Please be prepared to spend the entire day at the clinic in case that is what it takes to work on your car. 
  • If you bring children with you, you will be required to closely supervise them at all times. If your child is not properly supervised in order to prevent him/her from being harmed, or causing damage to the property, you will be asked to leave.
  • Children will not be allowed in the areas where the cars are being repaired.

Services provided as needed:

(Services to be determined by mechanic)

  • oil changes
  • belts (sorry no timing belts)
  • spark plugs
  • air filters
  • brakes
  • light bulbs
  • winshield wipers
  • check and fill fluids
  • radiator hoses (most cars)


To make an appointment call 714-777-6850 ext 158 and leave a message with your telephone number (include area code). When leaving a message please speak slowly and clearly so that we can understand you. You will receive a phone call back 2-3 weeks from the date of the clinic. 



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