Knowing God

The Bible is a fascinating book: filled with ancient wisdom, historical narratives, and timeless truths. At Community Christian Church, we believe that an authentic spiritual journey begins with a personal encounter with the Bible's central character : Jesus, God's Son.

If you can believe in love when you don't see it, quantum physics when you don't understand it, or electricity when the lights are out, you can believe in the God you've been searching for by trusting that Jesus is exactly who He said He was: God's very own Son.

As God in plain clothes, Jesus came to express God's heart toward all people like us: people with hopes, dreams, disappointments, frustrations, pride, shame, and sin. God loves us. He loves you, enough to die for you when true justice demanded nothing less. Jesus also astoundingly rose from the dead three days after his execution to demonstrate his true identity, once and for all.

Although He ascended into Heaven, His spirit beats in the heart of anyone who would invite Him to leap off the pages of the Bible and become a central figure of their daily life in every way possible.

If you would like to make him the central part of your life: Whisper that request to God right now wherever you may be. Pick up a Bible to read today or call (714) 777-6850 for a free copy.

Visit a local church to find a spiritual family to grow with. If you do, you will find that God is not a fearsome father or a distant concept. You will find him to be as good as I have found him to be.


Greg Curtis

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