Our 3 spiritual journeys

Why 3 spiritual journeys?

At CCC we invite people of all ages to experience 3 spiritual journeys with us...

an upward journey

At the end of each September and thru the holidays, we go on an upward journey. This journey moves us upward toward God through prayer, scripture meditation, small group Bible study, giving, and acts of service in the community. The desitination of this journey? Becoming more like Jesus.

Duriing this upward focus all our teaching venues point us toward God and enable us to become more like him through our habits and pursuits, empowered by our awe of him. We take communion at stations during this season and even arrive early to prepare ourselves for worship through multi-media led meditaion and prayer.

an inward journey

The new year begins at CCC by embarking on a journey for the part of us God desires the most: our hearts. In worship, we search for our hearts by taking communion before the message, serving it to each person in their seats. We then rescue our hearts from whatever holds them with some truth from the teaching because Jesus said, "you will know the truth and the truth will set you free". We then restore our hearts to God in worship by singing, making new choices, and giving an offering. All our events for all ages during this season look inward to inventory our gifts, our sins, and potential in Christ.

We conclude this season by observing the ancient practice of Lent, a 40 day journey that mimics Jesus' preparation for ministry where he gave up things that would compete for his devotion to God. This time of preparation enabled him to change the world in the 3 years that followed. Each year then, they prepare us to change the world too through an outward journey.

an outward journey

Beginning Easter of each year and going through the summer time, we journey outward toward others. We focus on how to share our faith stories, how to love others more deeply, and how to be members of a vital spiritual community that supports each other with Christ at its center. People are baptized, retreats and getaways for all ages abound, and we take communion all together as a family before welcoming each other in worship. Teaching focuses on all manner of relationship from family, to community, to one on one relationships.

We believe that going through these 3 journeys each year, every year, will help children, teens, young adults, young families and empty nester alike to bear the marks of an authentic devoted follower of Jesus.

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