Converge Service

Converge Service

An Intergenerational worship experience.

Community Christian Church has initiated a bold experiment to bring families together for worship, teaching, and serving. The result is a unique gathering for Orange County that we call "Converge." 

Want to learn more? Check out the FAQs below.

What is Converge?

How can Converge benefit my family?

Does the Senior Pastor still lead the services?

Are there any age-focused programs for teens, kids and adults?

Why is intergenertaional worship to critical right now?

Why did churches begin separating children and teens from adult worship in the first place?

What is my role as parent at Converge services?

What kind of church are you?


What is "Converge"?

Converge is the only worship experience of its kind in Orange County where ages 7 to 97* gather to sing, serve, learn, give and take communion. Here are some of its features:

  • A one hour time span that goes by quickly.
  • High-energy music that appeals to every generation.
  • Children and teens alongside adults leading worship together
  • A kid 's activity packet for 1st thru 5th graders that enhances the teaching
  • Interactive communion and offering
  • A chance for all ages to serve on worship teams, worship support, tech-teams and hospitality.
  • Daily Bible passages sent by text, email, voice mail or in print.

* Programs for nursery, toddlers, and kindergarten are offered during converge for ages 6 and under.

How can Converge benefit my family?

  • It provides a worship environment where it is beyond "OK" to bring your son or daughter to worship with you: it is normal and planned for.
  • It unites your family spiritually, giving you a common experience and conversation each time you leave Converge that you can build on.
  • It increases the odds that the next generation of your family will follow Jesus in a meaningful way into their adulthood. It's all about the grandkids!

Does the Senior Pastor still lead the services?

Though our Senior Pastor Greg Curtis teaches most often, the services are created and led by a team that includes our Student Ministries Pastor Cliff Sliger and Family Ministries Director Christa Richard. Cliff most often leads worship and involves teens and children in the leadership while Christa creates the activities that involve children in the teaching. Occasionally you will see them involved in the teaching during Converge as well.

Are their any age-focused programs for teens, kids and adults?

We still have age focused training opportunities for each age group midweek and we even have a 45 minute training program called "Pathways" on Sunday morning that trains kids, teens and adults separately. We have come to believe that training, outreach and friendship work best along generational lines. But we now believe that worship and serving happen best inter-generationally.

Why is inter-generational worship so critical right now?

Leadership Journal reported in 2010 that 50% of teens graduating from high school leave the church and many their faith as well. By college graduation that number increases to 70% and 80% by age 30.

One major reason for this exodus is that over the last 20 years, most churches have separated children from the most powerful influence in their lives when it comes to their spiritual formation: their family.

Here's how it happens today: When you arrive at church, your family is split in 3 different directions called children's, youth and adult church. As a result of this separation, most children have never seen their parents sing, pray (other than maybe saying grace before a special dinner), process biblical teaching, give an offering or even serve anyone in the name of Christ. There are also no other children or teens present in the service. They are in separate age targeted services along with the youth and children?s staff who you may not have a chance to meet as they do not get to attend adult worship either.

Why did churches begin separating children and teens from adult worship in the 1st place?

A generation ago, most churches in America made a well-intended decision to go deeper with each age group by targeting them as subcultures. The church equipped itself to be an "expert" that was sub-contracted by families to raise their children spiritually for the cost of their donations.

After 20 years of this well-meaning experiment, we have to concede a profound level of failure. Teens, having never been a part of an adult worship setting were being forced to "change churches" upon high school graduation. When they entered adult worship for the first time, it was so foreign to them that many could not make a connection with it as young adults. It also raised a generation that was handicapped in its ability to worship with people who were different than themselves in dress, age, and musical taste. As the jury came back in after a generation of age-targeted worship, the verdict showed that 8 out of 10 teens had stopped practicing their faith by young adulthood.

What is my role as a parent at Converge services?

You just need to worship and serve alongside of them. The conversations and spiritual growth will evolve naturally from this shared experience. Parents don't have to be Bible teachers, scholars, or perfect people to be a vital part of their children's spiritual formation. They simply need to let their children see how imperfect people pursue their faith. The youth and children's staff will also lend their expertise in our Pathways program and other mid-week programs to enhance age-focused outreach, friendship building, and training as Christ followers.

What kind of church are you?

We are a plain-wrap, non-denominational Christian Church, a daughter church of Eastside Christian Church in Fullerton. Our vision is to help de-churched people become authentic devoted followers of Jesus. 3 out of 4 people in Yorba Linda/Anaheim Hills are de-churched, as opposed to never-having-been-churched or currently-churched. They simply wandered away from church, or were driven away from it through a negative experience. Our vision is to form a community where de-churched people can reconnect with their faith by practicing and experiencing it in a gracious and inclusive environment.  

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