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CCC in 5

A brief 5-point summary of CCC

1. We are a daughter church of Eastside Christian in Fullerton

Eastside is a 50-year-old congregation in Fullerton that has recently grown into a 4 to 5000-member congregation. We were planted by them to serve the Yorba Linda/Anaheim Hills area. Though they are headed toward becoming a 10,000-member church, we see ourselves as a growing congregation that will plant another church with similar DNA to our own when we reach 1000 attendance in 3 services. This will help preserve who we are as a community where being known and knowing others is simpler then in larger settings.  

2. We are currently portable, saving money to purchase property.

This spring we left a leased facility that was difficult to find in order to be in a more visible location and to save thousands of dollars per month that can be added to our building fund. We desire to build a facility someday that people both inside and outside our church would want to be married in. No more than 480 seats max, this facility would expand our premarital program that provides a mentor couple for their first year of marriage and equips couples to build on a spiritual foundation. It would also provide a place for community concerts, youth activities, and our Mom’s Alone Car Clinic that has fixed thousands of cars for single moms, parts and labor for free.

3. We are a church for de-churched people

3 out of 4 people in Yorba Linda/Anaheim Hills are de-churched, as opposed to “never-having-been-churched” or currently churched. They simply wandered away from church, or were driven away from it through a negative experience. Our vision is to form a community where de-churched people can reconnect with their faith by practicing and experiencing it in a gracious and inclusive environment. We do that in many ways, 2 of which are:

  • Emphasizing their spiritual journey, not their church status and…
  • Being a “how to” church, not an “ought to” church.

4. We are an inter-generational church

Most churches zero in on one generation. They are known as the hip church for families with teenagers, or the young college student crowd church or the church made up of all retired people singing along with an organ.

We have a church where all its generations value the presence of each other in their spiritual family. What is unique about CCC is that we have ages 7 to 97 worshiping and serving together in our Converge gatherings each Sunday morning.

The benefits of this are:

  • Visiting families get to meet other children, teens and those who work with them at CCC as they are part of the service (They help lead us in worship).
  • It provides a worship environment where it is "OK" to bring your son or daughter to worship with you as you are visiting a new church: it is normal and planned for.
  • It unites your family spiritually, giving you a common experience and conversation each time you leave Converge that you can build on.
  • It increases the odds that the next generation of your family will follow Jesus in a meaningful way into adulthood partly because they will be used to worshipping alongside people who are different than themselves. (Currently, half of all high school graduated stop going to church after graduation, partly because they are not used to worshiping with people outside their age group).

We still have age focused training opportunities for each age group midweek and we even have a 45 minute training program called "Pathways" on Sunday morning that trains kids, teens and adults separately. Though we believe that worship and serving happen best inter-generationally, we also believe that training, outreach and friendship work best along generational lines.

5. We have a compassionate heart

This is a distinct characteristic of CCC. Our church…

  • Has adults and teens fixing single mom’s cars every month in the community
  • Teens and adults feeding the homeless together and going on Mission Trips together.
  • Has a prison ministry here in Orange County
  • Takes special offerings to help those in need such as foster kids, or repairing roofs at local shelters.
  • Has 7 families from CCC over time that have moved overseas and through them we have planted and support almost 200 churches in 7 different countries, including schools, health clinics and our namesake, Community Christian Church of Kenya, over 15,000 Massai strong and growing!
  • 10% of our income goes back to the community and our work overseas in the form of these efforts.

That is CCC in 5…!

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